Open access publications

Here are a few of my academic publications that are available open access (without cost or registration):

P. Lagassé and Justin Massie, “Parliamentarizing War: Explaining legislative votes on Canadian military deployments,” International Relations, 2023.

D. Auerswald, P. Lagassé, and S. Saideman, “Some Assembly Required: Explaining Variations in Legislative Oversight of the Armed Forces, Foreign Policy Analysis, 2023.

P. Lagassé, “Defence intelligence and the Crown prerogative in Canada,” Canadian Public Administration 64(4), 2021.

P. Lagassé, “Proceed with caution: A reply to The Perilous Prerogative,” Canadian Public Administration 65(4), 2022.

P. Lagassé, “The Crown and Government Formation: Conventions, Practices, Customs, and Norms,” Constitutional Forum 28(3), 2019.

P. Lagassé, “Parliament and the War Prerogative in the United Kingdom and Canada: Explaining Variations in Institutional Change and Legislative Control,” Parliamentary Affairs, 70(2), 2017.

P. Lagassé,“The Crown and prime ministerial power,” Canadian Parliamentary Review (Summer 2016)

P. Lagassé and P. Baud, “The Crown and Constitutional Amendment in Canada”, The Crown and Parliament / La couronne et le parlement, Michel Bédard and Philippe Lagassé, eds., Cowansville, Éditions Yvon Blais, 2015.

P. Lagassé and J.W.J. Bowden, “Royal Succession and the Canadian Crown as a Corporation Sole: A Critique of Canada’s Succession to the Throne Act, 2013”, Constitutional Forum, 23(1), 2014.